Wednesday Night Runners

a bunch of people who love to run (the banner above is a photo of tallaght waterworks taken during one of our runs)

Nature versus Nurture documentary “The Making of Me”

Anyone watching the BBC documentary with Colin Jackson looking into Nature versus Nurture with athletes. It’s very good. Only athletes born between September and February are any use at all. Of course I already knew that…

Rob’s Nice Ironman

Wednesday Night Runners
Ok Rob when you do the ironman we’ll officially take back the pink hoodie you were awarded the day that photo was taken. Promise. 😉

(Best of luck by the way! Rooting for ya!)

Gobi News

Well they’re nearly finished. Check out all the latest news over at Endurance Racers! What they need a rest day for I don’t know since they’ve barely done 40 hours….Check out the Guestbook here.

Gobi - Get Ready Session 023

They’re Off!

Gobi - Get Ready Session 024
Photees here of the big weigh-in in Pauls’ house last weekend. Big thanks to Paul for the barbie, great way to send them off!

Kildare Co. Co. Triathlon and Triathy

Well done to Rob for an easy win in last week’s Kildare Co. Co. triathlon. We’ll expect no less in the ironman in a couple of weeks. 😉
Bronagh is competing in tomorrow’s Triathy so best of luck! I’m so in awe! You’ll be absolutley flying Bronagh! Give it socks!!! I might make a trip down to lend support.

These runners better do fab in China cos these triathletes are showing us all up!

UPDATE: Tara and Eoin were competing yesterday too and had cracking runs in the Sprint distance. Bronagh did an incredible 2:38 in the Olympic! Congrats to all, brilliant performance in hot conditions.

What’s this triathlon lark about……?

trail blanch 2008 - snow race 013
Ok I think it’s time we took the pink hoodie back…..

(read the May 6th entry!)

What we’ve been up to…..

total experience adventure race 009
Apologies for the lack of posts lately. I’ve been doing most of my blogging over at Team Geared Up, most recently about our Avon Ri Total Experience Adventure Race and the IMRA mountain races.

Well done to Niall for a smashing time in the national 10k road race, (35th position in a time of 33.46) and to Karen in Knockdhu.

Our most recent outing involved a few of us heading out to Dalkey Quarry for a very successful abseiling session with Neal and Nige from Irish Climbing Coaching. The fact that me and Tara took our feet off terra ferma was a huge accomplishment in itself….

Anyone fancy helping out at Wednesday night’s Hellfire race let me know as I’m race director. Although I’d prefer to see the Clonliffe chicks running to ensure our super team record from last year continues!